PCT 2018: Bend

Day 128: Hiked 22.3 | 1878.3

The day was standard. Standard means walking, thinking, eating, listening, and sleeping. But something broke the rhythm, trail magic!

I was greeted by a tent of Portland natives. They grilled me a hamburger and fixed it on a lettuce wrap. This was honestly the best burger I’ve had on the whole trip. Who knew it’d be in the middle of the woods. They had a huge Yeti cooler full of Ben and Jerry’s. Other coolers contained bujee IPAs and White Claws. We sat and drank with the trail angels until night fall and finished the evening with gin and tonics. Yes, gin and tonics.

Day 129: Hiked ~20 | 1906.6

We hiked the Oregon Skyline Trail alternate to Shelter Cove. The trail had more water. There were lots of pines and easy terrain. The highlight was arriving at Shelter Cove, a well-established campground. I ate a lettuce-wrapped burger and took a three minute shower. Ah, the luxuries of an actual campground.

Day 130: Hiked 11 | 1917.6

I treated myself to a long morning in my tent. It’s rare that I can relax in the tent. Every morning feels like a rush to get on trail and make miles.

We left the sanctuary, squeezing in eleven.

Day 131: Hiked 26.6 | 1944.2

The morning was typical until is was not. “Trail magic” was painted on a large sign propped up on trail. Ducky and his dad greeted me with grapes, soda, chips, and a pint of Hagen Daz. I met three ladies who were hiking a little stretch of the PCT. They looked like blonde, suburban, soccer moms, out of place but loving the trail life.

Day 132: Hiked 27.2 | 1971.5

Some days all I think about is lunch. Lunch means I have a solid hour of rest and a good meal. I met Squeeze and Milkshake at Three Sisters Mirror Lake. Rest, food, feet-soaking, awesomeness.

I was proud that I hiked 27 miles. We camped outside the Obsidian Boundary, a section of trail closed to camping. I could see why they wanted to conserve it. Even at our site there was a ton of obsidian, shiny, glass-like rock.

Day 133: Hiked 12.2 | 1983.7

It was supposed to be an easy walk to the road, but the lava rock proved otherwise.

I eventually made it a mile before the road before a lost husky walked by me. He looked confused and thirsty. I offered the pup water. The dog saw me head down the trail, it changed directions and walked with me. If he got 10 yards ahead he would stop and turn to look and wait for me. We did this for awhile but then he disappeared around a corner. He was my guardian pup.

Day 134: Hiked 0

We unintentionally took a zero in Bend, Oregon. We rented movies at the last Block Buster in America and hibernated in our hotel room until the absolute last second.

We unexpectedly ran into the suburban-soccer-mom hikers in downtown. They were telling their friend, Chris, about their hiking trip, and Chris recognized Nicholas from one of their pictures. Weird world, am I right?

Chris offered us a ride back to the trail. We got to Mackenzie Pass at 7:30 pm and decided to camp in the castle-like observatory.

1 thought on “PCT 2018: Bend

  1. Ohhhhh. You should have kept the husky with you. I love trail magic!! (For you guys) When you get home we will have some gin & tonics & white claws!


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