PCT 2018: Ashland

PCT Days: 114-120

114: Hiked 22.1 | 1530.3

Long day, blurry and ill defined.

115: Hiked 25.6 | 1555.9

The morning sky was a veil of smoke, shrouding the sun in a soft, gauzy gray.

116: Hiked 25.5 | 1581.3

I busted the booty at the end of the day to prove to Nicholas I didn’t suck. (I arrived an hour after him for our lunch break, and he commented I was moving slow.)

117: Hiked 18.4 | 1599.7

I woke up early to get into Etna at a reasonable time.

We arrived for a music festival: Jammin’ on Main. Nicholas and I set up our tent in the park and took showers, a very hiker friendly park.

We enjoyed the live music with drinks.

118: Hiked 15.4 | 1615.1

Molly Macgowam gave us a ride to the trail. She was a delicately wrinkled woman with silver hair and pink lips. She told us she was a professional ice skater. Molly said she travelled around the world figure skating with “her sugar daddy.” I asked if she knew Nancy Kerrigan.

“Nancy? Yeah, I know Nancy. She’s a bitch. She deserved to get her leg smashed. But Tonya, she’s a scumbag.”

Oh, Molly.

119: Hiked 30.3 | 1645.4

I sold my soul and legs to join the 30-miler club. 30 miles in one day… I was proud of myself, but at the same time, I felt as if the high miles sapped my love of hiking.

120: Hiked 22 | 1670.7

We hiked into Seiad Valley and visited the cafe. I feasted on gluten free french toast with blackberries. Then there was a long ass road.

121: Hiked 25.4 |1696.1

Grinding and grinding, California is grinding me away.

But then, OREGON! We finally made it. California was 1,691.7 miles

122: Hiked 23 | 1717.7

Ashland! Yahoooooo!

We went to the movies, ate Mexican, In-n-Out, and we were reunited with our favorite ginger, PHILLY.

1 thought on “PCT 2018: Ashland

  1. I love reading about your adventures. Here’s a clip on your skater friend.

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