PCT 2018: Sierra City

PCT 2018: Days 88-94

The past few days told through a series of crappy haikus:

Day 88: Hiked 3 | 1093

Hitching back to trail

A quiet fourth on Echo

Pizza, wine, and stars

Day 89: Hiked 17 | 1110

Aloha Lake lunch

Stop on Dick’s Pass for snacks

Ultimately dinner munch

Day 90: Hiked 19.7 | 1129.7

Fields of flowers and green

Gray mountains speaking to me

I keep walking—to see.

Day 91: Hiked 23.7 | 1153.4

Free beer at Donner Pass

We drank in music and laughs

Drunken fall, so much sass

Day 92: Hiked 13.6 | 1167

(Just a poem)

These woods echo,

have pulse.

They whisper truth

to those willing,

to those ready.

Day 93: Hiked 23.7 | 1190.7

Napped under a tree

Walked some more, ah to be free

So tired but blessed

Day 94: Hiked 4.7 | 1195.4

Town, ahoy! Food! Shower!

Many hikers crowd the porch

We smell bad, but food.

2 thoughts on “PCT 2018: Sierra City

  1. The pictures are so cool. Why couldn’t we have been hiking with you when you got the free beer 🍺💚💙💜💗👍 Miss you guys. Keep going, almost half way there!!!!!


    1. Hey you guys. Some extremely beautiful scenery. An interesting journey to say the least. Keith

      Liked by 1 person

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