PCT 2018: Transition

A delay in Boston led us to miss our connecting flight in Phoenix. Once in Arizona, we were redirected to Fresno, CA, then San Diego.

The wings gripped the wind and climbed.

My skin tightened to gooseflesh as the white horizon of clouds gave way to the serrated snow-capped peaks: the Sierra Nevada. I hope I get there—I hope I get there, I thought.

Fresno to San Diego, the distance that would take us two months, we covered in 53 minutes by plane. Time, Marisa and Jeremy had warned, warps when you return from trail. Having completed their own thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, our friends had talked about the toil of miles by foot, which was laughably completed in minutes by car. I was getting my own taste of this now as we left a city an hour away from Yosemite and headed towards our starting point at the southern terminus.

My sense of time was going to shift, slow down, revolve around connecting foot steps. My world was going to be devoid of the quickness of society, just walking; my body propelling me from Mexico to Canada. As the flight descended, it hit me. We were close, an hour car ride from the terminus. Tomorrow, dirt and sand would be my highway, a narrow path guiding me north. Tomorrow time changes.

1 thought on “PCT 2018: Transition

  1. This is Dad,
    Wildly in love with my adventurous daughter and deeply proud of my new son n law “THE NIC MAN”
    keep on leading on DUDE
    The Ham n Jam
    Is proving that a memory is worth
    Walking for
    An experience is worth the dust n stones kicking the rattlers ( or I should say politely gently step aside , hop , skip , and leap OUT OF THE WAY ) wave to the rattlers and PUSH ON
    enjoying everything
    Love you both
    Your totally protected
    So have FUN
    and catch a few rays 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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