Mountain Goats

Goats. Mountain goats. We saw them everywhere–t-shirts, patches, pins, on posters, taxidermied in the visitor centers. Glacier National Park’s mountain goats were everywhere, but nowhere. We could only manage to see them on tourists’ shirts: sad, folded fabric mountain goats waddling away on fat American bodies. Determined on our last day in the park, we decided to go to all the “hot spots” for goat sightings. We went to several with no luck. Though, I must mention that there was a sizable wildfire on the eastern side of Glacier. This probably disrupted their normal grazing spots. We ended up going to Logan Pass Visitor Center to hike to Hidden Lake, a 5.8-mile round trip. We took the Hidden Lake Nature Trail directly behind the visitor center. This trail appeared to be more of a boardwalk, making for an easy stroll while enjoying the sharp mountains and lush fields.

Soon we arrived at the Hidden Lake, a body of water nestled at the base of mountains and rimmed with pines. Hikers were hushing each other at the lookout as we approached. Nicholas and I saw what all the commotion was about: a mama mountain goat walked with her baby in the green field below. We watched the mother-child dance. A knobby-kneed babe followed his mom without question. We went looking for mountain goats and found the miracle of life, innocent and pure.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Goats

  1. Is this why you decided to get Sassy & Pinto???
    Fat American bodies!!!! That is not nice Julia!!


    1. I was getting a little edgy 😉


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