As residents of Connecticut, Nicholas and I frequent the White Mountains to get our "outdoor fix," but, surprisingly, we had never traveled to Maine. Our obvious next trip would take us north where the mountains meet the sea: Acadia National Park.

After seven hours on the road, we arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine. It is the epitome of any coastal New England town: crab shacks, cedar-sided capes, and salt-crusted American flags. We exited the town and entered the east side of the park observing the craggy cliffs and sea spray, eventually ending our car tour at Seawall Campground.

The next morning we woke in the quiet blackness of dawn and drove to Cadillac Mountain to watch the sun's rays kiss the continental US.

Sunrises are an interesting phenomenon because no two are the same. The colors, the clouds, and the sunbeams change like genetic roulette. So with bated breath we watched the horizon give birth to the sun, nature's miracle since the beginning of life.

The day was still new, so we ventured into Bar Harbor for breakfast. We stumbled upon 2 Cats Restaurant & Inn. The place is hard to miss, as the sign features two black cats dancing in front of a yellow inn. Rainbow-colored Adirondak chairs line the lawn and triangle awnings cover the deck. The food was just as enjoyable as the zany decor; no joke, the best breakfast I've ever had!

With full bellies, we ventured to Jordan Pond, a 3.5-mile stroll around placid waters, completed with views of South and North Bubble Mountain.

Dorr Mountain was next on the docket. We took Dorr North Ridge Trail up and Gorge Path down for a 3.3-mile loop. Overall, this trail wasn't stunning, but the peak was one of the tallest in the park measuring 1,270 feet.

With time to spare, we hiked to Acadia Mountain a short 2.7-mile loop, the summit a mere 681 feet tall.

The following day we returned to the east side, via the Park Loop Road, to hike the Beehive. This peak is only 520 feet, but a steep climb up the Beehive Trail. Some cool trail features were the iron rung ladders that send hikers up steep rock faces. We took the Bowl Trail down, making the entire trek only 2 miles long. We visited Thunder Hole and walked down to Sand Beach for an icy dip in the ocean.

We spent our last night at Mount Desert Campground. Our site had a wooden platform nestled in a patch of fragrant pines. With the evening still young, we finished the day by renting a kayak and paddling around the bay.

July 2014

3 thoughts on “Acadia

  1. Nice , nice, nice……
    Beautiful sunrise,
    I’m jealous for a breakfast with a cat
    Our Max would love the feline vibe
    Your photos entice a future visit…..
    I didn’t know you can head stand Julia
    And I should of guessed
    Two early morning love birds
    Patiently wait for the sun
    Love pops

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this. It bought back great memories of an amazing trip when chris & I went there. I agree with you on the Two Cats. Great breakfast! I loved Acadia & Bar Harbor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad this sparked fond memories of your stay! And I’m glad you went with our recommendation of two cats 🙂


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